Feel “The Experience” on Liveli
Stream Live and Earn Money

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Feel “The Experience” on Liveli
Stream Live and Earn Money

About Liveli

Liveli is a Social Networking and Live Entertainment Hub. Users can share their Lifestyle, Earn real money from posts and contents, stream live events, watch live entertainment and stay connected to Family & Friends.

Liveli is your all in one App.

How It Works


Create Account

User can create an account using mobile number or their existing social account.


Discover & Invite

Discover and connect with Friends or Family in real time within your geographical area


Stream Live and Share Photo

Stream Live and earn cookies that can be converted to real money


En-cash Your Cookies

Earn Cookies and Cash-Out cookies to real money instantly

App Overview

LiveLi is a Social Networking and Entertainment Hub. LiveLi Showcases users Lifestyle, Entertainment, talents and Social life. We Connects users to real life fans, family & friends. Users can earn money from creating lively experiences.

Why Liveli App


With Liveli App, you can earn money on any post or during live stream.

  • Social media platforms are great places to create a one of a kind experience and content creators should be appreciated in return. Liveli App has made it possible to send instant money in form of “cookies” to appreciate users without requesting for personal Bank account information.
  • Users are able to send gifts to Family & Friends on their birthdays, special occasions, and anniversaries on LiveLi in form of “Cookies” which can be instantly converted into real money. Prior to LiveLi such transactions were difficult and close to impossible to achieve in real time.
  • Once the user sends the “cookies” receivers can cash-out and redeem the cookies as money which will be deposited directly into their bank account using Liveli App cash out processor.
  • Creative users may showcase their talents online while some viewers enjoys the experience and chooses to appreciate and reward the creative user by sending them cookies which can immediately be redeemed for money. Prior to LiveLi’s innovative idea many wanted to send money gifts but were discouraged due to the hassle involved in requesting user’s personal banking information over social media platforms with is relatively unsafe. Liveli has made the process of cash gifting very easy for all. 
  • Money giveaway is very popular and common form of financial support on social media platforms. The Liveli App makes it easy for users to gift money to other users without requesting for personal account numbers or any sensitive personal details. Liveli makes the process secured for both parties.

Life is to be appreciated on a daily basis and the Liveli App makes it easy for people to appreciate and support one another stress free.

With Liveli App, you can earn money on any post or during live stream.

  • People on social media like to appreciate some other people doing great online; Liveli App has made that possible to send instant money using cookies to appreciate them without requesting for their personal Bank account numbers.
  • Send gifts to Family and Friends on their birthdays, occasion, anniversary and many more. This is no more difficult to do so in real time as Liveli App has made that come to reality.
  • With Liveli you can easily Showcase your talent online. When some viewers gets excited, they may want to appreciate and support but the hustle of requesting for account numbers and wiring money could be discouraging. Liveli App has made that easy for everyone.
  • People like to surprise friends on days they feel like to support one another or do a supportive give away, fundraising and more, Liveli App makes it easy without requesting for anyone’s personal account number. Also for security reasons, some people might not want to release their personal account openly on social media and still want to participate in the giveaway program, so Liveli makes that process secured for both parties.
  • Liveli connects you with all users on the platform in real time
  • See accurate location of whom you are connecting with
  • Find your old time friends and family worldwide
  • You can use our geo fencing tools to network in specific location or area


Liveli App has levels of membership, Classic & Platinum membership.

Classic Membership

Free sign up and limited access to the perks available on the app. Users with Classic membership can view everyone on the Liveli app platform, however they are unable to see full profile of platform members. Classic members can Post pictures, Videos, stream live and receive cookies both on posts & during live stream.

  • Classic Members can search for friends only by their names or user names; follow friends and send messages only to other classic members.
  • Classic members cannot do a private stream
  • Classic members cannot request for celebrity shout out
  • Classic members can cash out cookies to money.

Platinum Membership

Subscription fee is $7.99USD monthly or $79.99USD annually.

  • Platinum Members will have unlimited access to every functionalities on Liveli App.
  • Platinum Members can Post pictures, Post videos, stream live and receive cookies both on posts & during live stream.
  • Platinum Members can search for friends by their names or user names, follow friends and can send messages to all members on the platform without any restrictions.
  • Platinum Members can cash out cookies for money, follow or message an unknown user
  • Platinum members can do private Live stream
  • Life Time Platinum membership for verified celebrities and influencers

When a Platinum member fails to renew monthly/annual membership, account will automatically default to classic membership status.

Tell your friends to see your post and join your live event with you.

Create a post and share with your friends and families to earn cookies that can be redeemed for money into your bank account.


Cookies are Liveli App digital currency and can be added using real money. Cookies can be earned on Liveli App from user’s posts or during live stream.


We have various methods of funding your cookies on Liveli App below which has already been integrated on our World class App.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover ), Paystack, 9Pay, Bitcoin, Paypal and bank transfer.


You can cash out your cookies worldwide by using Paypal or Stripe Worldwide and Paystack in some parts Africa.

You need to earn at least 300 cookies to be able to cash out.

100 cookie ~ $1(USD).

On every cash out request, Liveli charges 19% all inclusive App Processor fees and Service charge for app maintenance.

Note: Liveli App is not a money transfer App. Cookies are meant to be purchased for the reason of its use on Liveli App. Cookies are to be earned and cashed out, your account may be suspended if suspected for fraudulent transactions. Liveli backend Tech system will flag suspected transaction and suspends account instantly. Please enjoy Liveli as a fun app with the ability to earn rewards in form of cookies that can be converted to real money.

Liveli App is the first and only Social Networking and Entertainment hub that enables users to earn real money from post, contents and live stream. Download today and start enjoying what lots of subscribers are enjoying worldwide.

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Liveli App is available on Android and IOS, and can be downloaded on every compatible phones.

Life should be lively…Liveli is Lively!

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